Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi

Drive the taxi using the maximum possible speed but without crashing
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Drive the taxi using the maximum possible speed. Press the arrow keys to dodge other cars, accelerate and decelerate, and press the spacebar to jump over them.
Take care about the way you drive because the traffic is very agglomerated. Drive the Taxi as fast as possible but without crashing into the cars!If you love to play car-based games, this is one for you. Though this game is not one of those thrilling races with different curving roads and a plethora of tactics to be used during racing, it is all in all a nice game to play. In Crazy Taxi, you are a taxi driver who has to reach the destination by avoiding various kinds of traffic on the streets. This is a fun game on the whole, although the sound is not that good, and the game lacks in thrill.

The game is very simple to play: you just need to keep pressing the up arrow key on the keyboard to keep the taxi running. If you see any obstacles like other cars or road blocks, you can maneuver or press the space bar on your keyboard to make the car jump and go over the obstacles. This game has various levels, and you do not even stop playing when the level is finished - you continue driving on the next one.

This is a Flash-based game which can be played online from the developer's site or it can be installed on your computer as well. Being a flash application, this game can be run on most operating systems.

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  • Fun jumping
  • Free
  • Small


  • No variation
  • Sounds are not very good
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